Container Home/Kas di Kònteiner

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Container House

Why a container house ? A house built of a container is one of the alternatives to create and recycle very well.

Every year, there are one thousand containers created. While you are reading this, six million of containers are being transported on the seas of planet Earth. Approximately, one container fells off into the sea per hour and will never be fished out of the sea.
Containers that survive, after being used, end up dumped on large fields and are never used again. While the proces of producing more containers continue to lead to the same faith: fall off into the sea polluting the sea bottom or end up on an empty field waiting for nature to eat it up.

You can change this by contributing to the project of container house construction. We would like one, to show that it is possible, that it is economical and high quality. The process will be documented to duplicate the same process in the following construction. If necessary, continue to make more of these houses for people in need. Our challenge is to create a piece of art that is habitable for families in need.


Minimum donation: $10.00



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Kas di Kònteiner

Pa kiko un Kas di kònteiner ? Un kas di kònteiner ta un di e alternativanan pa krea i resiklá hopi bon.

Tur aña mil di kònteiner ta ser traha. Miéntras bo ta lesando e esaki seis mion kònteiner ta ser transportá den nos lamannan riba e planeta tera aki.I aproksimadamente kada ora un average di 1 kònteiner ta kai den laman i esaki nunka mas no ta ser rekogé. I esunan ku sobrebibí hopi bes, despues di wòrdu usá ta bai para riba terenonan grandi i nunka mas ser usá. I e proseso ta sigui kaminda ta sigui traha mas kònteiner ku ta hiba e mes un suerte sea den fondo di laman ku ta polushoná nos awanan òf riba un tereno bashí i ta warda naturalesa pa kome esaki.

Abo por kambia esaki dor di kontribuí na e proyekto pa konstruí un kas di kònteiner. Nos lo kera 1 pa mustra ku e ta posíbel i den forma hopi ekonómiko ku kalidat hopi haltu. Lo dokumentá esaki pa tur por sigi e proseso i imitá esaki. Si ta nesesario sigui pa traha mas di e kas nan aki pa hende nan den nesesidat. Nos reto ta pa krea un arte habitabel pa famianan den nesesidat.