Kickstart Curaçao

0% Donated Goal: $25,000.00

As part of the Crowdsupport campaign that was set up for the winner of the Kickstart Curaçao Innovathon 2020, we are looking to raise funds to help realize the winning project.
See in Description, the details of the Winner.


Minimum donation: $10.00



CuraDAO winner of Kickstart Curaçao Innovathon

Project description:

The kolektivo economy consists of various components, which work in tandem to fairly and efficiently allocate resources to regenerative projects:

  • A digital borderless community currency called CuraDAI that enables the near instant, transparent digital transfer of value.
  • A mechanism to distribute resources according to the objectives of the economy referred to as CuraDAO. This operates as a blockchain based organization to ensure transparency and accessibility.

How will it make money or safe money for business or for Curaçao?

By democratizing social impact (increased access, accountability and effectiveness) the Kolektivo Economy improves the efficiency of public funding in Curaçao.

Value proposition

By improving accessibility, facilitating trust and accountability through transparency, and by re-designing the economic incentives we democratize social impact on Curaçao. In doing so, we enable a multitude of social impact projects and organizations, to become self-sufficient and improve accountability in these organizations.  This also offers a huge opportunity for (unemployed) individuals, social entrepreneurs and organizations who currently participate in volunteer projects to contribute to more well being on the island, while receiving a fair reward.