Supporting Sustainable recycled Art

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Sustainable Art
We work to give a second life to materials from nature and recycling, turning them into art, in a unique and original way.
The base of our art is the Crescentia (fruit of the pumpkin tree) and create beautiful pieces with our special touch with the papier-mâché technique.
Our Janas dolls represent the sensuality, the flow and the elegance of the Caribbean woman who, with a contemporary vision, are a sample of beauty and originality.
Each Janas doll has a unique personality.
Our Pikus birds, represent the wide range of species of Caribbean birds and with their colors they portray the art and culture of different regions of the Caribbean, inspired by the rich Caribbean folklore and the Afro-Caribbean ethnic group.
The wide variety of shapes and sizes of the Crescentia allows us to have a variety of art pieces, including ornaments and sculptures.
How was Jana’s Kalbas born?


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The creator of this is the Venezuelan Mariela “Moti” Morillo, who in 2020 and as a result of the pandemic decided to find a way to create sustainable and organic art, which would reflect the daily life, traditions, and natural aspects of each region of the Caribbean, creating a fusion of cultures, colors, shapes and movements.
Each piece is unique in design, individually carved and hand painted by the artist, working in an ecological way, in order to protect and preserve natural resources creating beauty.
Originality is a characteristic of Jana’s Kalbas, which allows them being outstanding in the market, each element is made in a unique way, being a non-repetitive production, creating a exclusive design of great value to each piece.