1% Donated Goal: $50,000.00

The foundation of our movement focuses on Humanity First (Social Agenda), a strong commercial mindset (Economic Agenda) and most importantly Educational Growth (Educational Agenda). We are open for new opportunities. We are not afraid to take bold decisions. Innovation is part of our DNA.

Kòrsou Vishonario


Minimum donation: $10.00



Our promise:
Vision shows us where we are headed.
Vision provides motivation and inspires us to keep on going
Vision helps to keep us moving forward and move through obstacles
Vision provides focus
Vision gives us meaning and purpose to what we do

We envision a government organization that is 100% digital and that works on quality instead of quantity. A simplified and more effective approach towards talent management and a government entity that reflects the pillars of humanity first, commercial mindset and education.

Our vision also speaks to unity and the creation of a nation that is not divided based on race, religion, sexual preference, culture or social status.

Our goal is to be self-sustainable as a country by 2030. Curaçao must innovate, take bold steps, take risks and step outside of its comfort zone. It’s time to press reset and we will not take any shortcuts. Our smart pillars presented in this chapter reflect our goals and ambitions. We will continue to update our smart pillars on a yearly basis based on new insights, changes in the market and new technological advancements.

With your financial contribution we will:
Invest in ‘VISHON Election Campaign Awareness’
Invest in our multi-functional ‘Sentro Vishonario’
Invest in charity projects in our community

Thank you, in advance, for your contribution and great generosity! We, of Vishon, greatly appreciate your donation and trust in us.

Vishonario, are you ready for it?

Kòrsou Vishonario