Enhancing quality of life of the Seniors of Curacao, Dutch Caribbean

0% Donated Goal: $250,000.00

The Fundashon Nos Grandinan (“Our Seniors’ Foundation”) is a national recognized organization, operating solely on a non-profit basis (with a tax exempt status) for the general well-being of senior citizens of Curaçao society. We stand by our commitment to ensure our senior citizens the rights and benefits to lead an effective peaceful life after retirement, striving to provide equal opportunities for them as active members in the development process of Curaçao.

Your kind donations will help us to enhance the quality of life of the ageing population. We are currently setting up a free call-center to assist our seniors with their needs and also we would like to purchase 2 busses to run errands for free with the elderly.

Our Seniors’ Foundation will accept your donations with gratitude. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Minimum donation: $10.00