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  • Container Home/Kas di Kònteiner

    0% Donated Goal: $32,000.00

    Container House Why a container house ? A house built of a container is one of the alternatives to create and recycle very well. Every year, there are ...

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  • Your $1.00 or €1.00 Donation can lift thousands out of poverty

    1% Donated Goal: $120,000.00

    About the united consumers association United Consumers Association (UCA) is an organisation who advocate and champion the rights of consumers in St. Maa ...

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  • Online Church Services

    0% Donated Goal: $250,000.00

    At this time when many are not allowed to gather to hear from God's, we need to send His word out. This campaign is needed to help spread God's word online ...

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  • COVID-19 aftermath

    0% Donated Goal: $1,000,000.00

    Raising funds to combat hunger as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. Stichting Hulp aan Curaçao (Voedselbank Curaçao) ...

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  • Hunger Relief

    0% Donated Goal: $30,000.00

    It’s never been more important to donate to hunger relief. Our increased interest in food has, in some ways, made it harder for some people to get enough ...

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  • Inclusive Playground

    35% Donated Goal: $254,000.00

    Around the world there is a big movement that encourages Inclusive Playgrounds. In Curaçao the children with disabilities are still segregated from other c ...

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