“Share Your Y” Fundraiser Challenge

0% Donated Goal: $50,000.00

YMCA Aruba’s “Share Your Y” Challenge and Fundraising event is where we ask the public to share their fondest YMCA moments, and to help us meet our fundraising goal for 2022!

Feel free to post a video or text post where you can share your favorite YMCA moment, and challenge others to share, as well as donate, to support the goals we have for those children we work with every day! Then use the following hashtags: #ShareYourYChallenge, #YMCAAruba

If you are unable to use our FundMe donation page, feel free to send a transfer directly to our account at CMB #992.112.05, or find us on Pay.aw. We appreciate any and all donations!


Minimum donation: $10.00



The YMCA of Aruba is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strive for spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being of individuals. Our aim is to offer young people support and encourage them to create a just, sustainable, equitable and inclusive world where everyone can flourish in Spirit, Mind and Body. Relying on our five core values (Honesty, Caring, Responsibility, Respect and Faith), which form the pillars on which our organization is built and functions, we seek to build up and amplify good character traits in each individual, increasing their positive impact in the community.

With this campaign we would like to raise funds for the YMCA of Aruba in order to continue giving opportunities and programs to the children and youths on the island.