In Betèsda LIFE continues

0% Donated Goal: $475,000.00

It is a great necessity for every citizen to feel connected with the society in which they are living. As a citizen in our society, this is also the need of our clients, the residents in our nursing home Betèsda within the foundation Stichting Verpleeghuizen Curaçao. All our residents are somatic and/or psycho-geriatric clients in need of 24/7 special care regarding nursing, medical and paramedic care. Not only do our residents have a daily routine, but they have the possibility to participate in different activities in the nursing home. These are activities in which the clients are targeted individually and/or in groups. Dependent of the health status that may varied constantly and on a daily basis, can our clients participate in activities beyond the surroundings of our organization. Due to this limit is participation in our community by the majority of our clients, the residents in our nursing home, unfortunately minimum or even zero.


Minimum donation: $10.00



This is the main purpose of our project within this year and especially in the month March 2023, to help our residents get connected with each other and with the community. This can be done by giving them the possibility to gather, do activities and get in touch with others in a happy and friendly place and to bring the community in our nursing home. Therefore we are in the process to build a covered patio so that our clients can have this proper place for gathering with others in the nursing home and people in our community can pay pleasant visits to our residents. It shall be a well defined, cozy meeting place to eat and mingle with others and other people in our community in their home, Betèsda.

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To encourage the community to reach our residents and be connected with them, we are also aiming to renovate our kitchen. With a renovated kitchen, Betèsda will be able to optimize the service given to our clients and can meet the goal to be able to serve the members of our community while being interconnected with our clients. This will be a win-win situation for us. Everyone can participate in the pursuits of our goals, by helping us and knowing that,…den Betèsda bida (di kada un di nos) ta sigui (“…in Betèsda life (of all) continues’)!