Bring Hope to Families This Holiday Season With K1’s Project Hope

2% Donated Goal: $35,000.00

Embark on a journey of compassion with Project Hope, a yearly initiative launched by the K1 Britannia Foundation in 2020. Our mission is clear and impactful: to provide vital support and uplift struggling families, casting a beacon of hope during the holiday season. We meticulously identify households facing social and economic hardships, intricate family dynamics, and urgent situations, often comprised of 3-7, or even 10 members, with many relying on a single breadwinner.

Project Hope is not just a project; it’s a lifeline for families in dire situations. Your support helps us extend a hand in specific areas where it’s needed most – heartfelt gifts for their children, provision of nourishing food, and assistance with overwhelming expenses that linger for one to three long months. Join us in making a real difference; be the hope these families desperately need. Together, let’s transform lives and create a holiday season filled with warmth, joy, and a sense of security. Donate now to be a part of this meaningful journey.


Minimum donation: $10.00